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Avery Garrett Team
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Why should you choose us to help you sell your home? We are passionate about helping you accomplish your goals! We have been able to help people sell their homes when other methods have failed. We will work relentlessly to market your home, and will get you the best possible price, in the shortest amount of time on the market, with minimal inconvenience to you. To schedule a personal evaluation of your home, please fill out the info in this link, and we will be in touch! http://www.soldbyavery.net/whats-my-home-worth/


Here are some things that set us apart from the typical real estate agent:


We are not agents who will list your home, stick a sign in the yard, and sit back and hope for the best! We will be actively marketing your home through a variety of online social media platforms. The proprietary methods we use have enabled us to secure the buyer in half of our listings over the past year. We use very targeted marketing campaigns to make sure your home is being seen by people most likely to be interested in purchasing a home like yours in your area. When we do secure the buyer for a listing we represent, we reduce the total commission we charge, which can save you thousands!


We’ll have your home professionally photographed, at no cost to you! Pictures are the most important part of marketing a home. This is a potential buyer’s first impression of your home, and the quality of the pictures can be the difference between the buyer scheduling a showing for your home or not. Some other agents’ pictures show what’s in the room, or a corner of the room, but you don’t see the room. Our photographer has the sophisticated equipment to create a top notch wide angel picture of each room, so the buyer can see the dimensions of the room, and not just what is in it. So, you know if you list your home for sale with us, your home will be very well presented through all aspects of marketing. Here is an example of pictures of one of our listings, and one of our competitors. Which would you rather have?

Ours Theirs


Your home will have a 3-D Virtual Reality Tour! We have been able to harness the same technology that Google uses for it’s Google Map Streetview to allow potential buyers to take a 3-D Virtual Reality tour of your home! This is not one of the quirky virtual tours with a slide show of the pictures with a horrible music backdrop that you are probably used to seeing. This is an actual user controlled walk through of your home! Check out what this looks like here: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=PsVihbnqPfZ


Your listing will be Enhanced on the top 2 Real Estate websites! Ever notice when you are looking for homes online, there are only a few homes that show up when you go to the search map, and you have to zoom all the way in to get to all of the homes available? That is because the homes that are showing up at first, are what’s called Enhanced Listings. Through Realtor.com and Zillow.com, the top 2 visited real estate search websites, your home will be an Enhanced Listing, which means it will show up higher in people’s search results, and show up more often. If someone is looking for a home like yours, in your area, they WILL be able to find your home easily if you list your home with us.


Exclusive Listing contacts through Realtor.com and Zillow.com! Ever notice when you go to Zillow, that some homes have 3 real estate agents which show up next to the home for you to contact for more info? That is because these agents pay Zillow to be featured next to listings in that zip code. They do not represent the person selling that home. However, I bet if they are targeting that zip code, they have their own listings in that area, and if someone reaches out to them for more info, they will probably talk them into looking at their listing first. Realtor.com has advertising space, where they feature new home builders or other real estate agents in this space. On both Realtor.com and Zillow.com, I am the only agent showing up next to homes that I have listed. I don’t know about you, but if I were to list my home, I would rather my agent be in these spaces, than other agents. Here are 2 listings on Zillow.com. Which one would you rather have?

OtherZillow OurZillow


We bring 18% more potential buyers than other agents! Ask most agents what credit score you need to buy a home, and they will tell you a 640, which is what their preferred lender will go down to. Our lender can get people approved to buy a home down to a 580 credit score, which will expose your home to 18% more potential buyers. These buyers are typically more motivated than most, and are eager to buy their first home!


We give back to the communities we serve! We believe in giving back to the communities who have given so much to us! 10% of the income we earn on each listing sold is donated back to local schools through the DonorsChoose.org organization, where teachers request supplies for their classrooms. We have been able to fully fund many classroom projects all across the state of Indiana!


To schedule a personal evaluation of your home, please fill out the info in this link, and we will be in touch! http://www.soldbyavery.net/whats-my-home-worth/